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I have two Amati Keel Klampers.

They are very good.

However, many times any modeler needs to have the keel of the ship model aligned at thwartships*.

* = At right angles to the fore and aft center lines.

So, I fastened a cross test level to the beam of the keel clamper.

The cross test level was simply secured to the beam with two screws.  Since it was in a fixed location, that did create a problem.  The problem was that the keel clamper has two moveable clamps to accomodate any size /length keel within it's capacity.   So, there could be an iterference at times.

This problem was solved by developing and fabricating a moveable and removeable mount for the cross test level .  This allows the cross test level to be placed in any position along the beam, and locked with a thumb screw.

Hence the title ( improved).
Works like a charm !

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