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Gun Port Lid & Post

Assembly directions:

Bill Of Materials:
One Piece Of Maple 3/4" By 1 1/2" By 6 "

One Piece of Maple .218" by .265" by 4 5/8".

Five Pieces Of Maple 1/4" By 3/8" By 1 1/2"

Ten  6-32 Phillips Head Machine Screws By 1 1/16"

Ten # 6 Flat Washers

Ten 6-32 T- Nuts

Pick up the two reference edges X and Y.   Make a note of the numbers. Move the table 1.00" along the X axis.Move the saddle .375"along the Y axis.   Always move in the same direction to take up the backlash.   This intersection will be the location of the first hole. Centerdrill and drill a clearance hole through the block.Use a #28 drill(.140"Dia.).   Now counterbore the hole for the barrel of the T-nut.

Use a #20 drill (.161"Dia.)drilled .187" deep.

This will be a typical procedure for the remaining nine holes.Follow the drawing and location chart for the rest of the holes. That will be the bottom of the block.The recesses for the Port Lid Posts will be milled in next.  For clarification, I will supply a dimensional chart, and drawing.  The recesses are for the Port Lid Posts,# 96 Corel Victory SM23.  They are 10 mm square (.394").  There will be five at 1.00" intervals.And centered on the holes drilled for the clamp screws.

Connected to the recesses are five slots.The slots are.250" wide by .125" deep, same depth
as the recesses.  The slots will provide a guide for the adjustment blocks.  The slots go from the back edge of the main block and become an integral part of the 10 MM square recesses.  The clamp strap will have five holed drilled through it. they are central to the .265" width and go through the .218" thickness.

The holes start .312" from one end and are 1.00" center to center.  There are five adjusting
blocks to be fitted into the .250" slots milled into the main block.  The adjusting block has a slot milled through it central to the .250 width.  The slot starts .375"from one end of the adjusting block and is .250" long.At the front of the adjusting block is a glue relief cutout.  This is .125" high by .078"deep.  This will be shown in the drawing of the adjusting block.

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