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Turntable w/ Adjustable brakes

"Place a straight edge across the corners of the turntable (3/4" by 14 1/4" square particle board) and proceed as you did with the baseplate but this time draw a circle of 9 1/2" diameter and a circle of 14" diameter.   The inner circle will intersect at four points on the centerlines. Drill four holes at these locations.   Repeat the drilling procedure that you did on the baseplate, including the substitution of wood screws, if desired. Bring the turntable to 14" diameter by cutting and sanding.    

An excellent way to do the sanding would be to construct a holding board to mount the bearing on and the turntable and sand the outer edge to 14" diameter using the center of rotation of the bearing itself.   The holding board should be less than 14" diameter and fastened to the sanding machine for safety. If you choose the drill through method, use 8-32 nuts to hold the bearing to the turntable temporarily.   Use 3/4" access hole in the bearing to fasten the turntable and bearing together for the sanding operation."

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