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Rigging Cord Measurer Plus!

"In trying to determine the exact sizes of rigging cord, I found that there was a great variance in the actual diameters of the line/cord supplied by manufacturers and kit sellers.....

It seemed to me that there was no standard.
One of the more popular methods of determining the size is by wrapping the line/cord around a dowel that has been premarked in linear dimensions, such as 1/4" intervals or 1".

After wrapping the line/cord around the dowel carefully so as not to distort it, or stretch it, one then counts the number of turns and then divides the length by the number of turns to arrive at the diameter.

For example; A line/cord is wrapped for a length of 1/4" and has ten turns.  So, 1/4" = .250". .250" divided by 10 = .025".   To me, that was not a real solution due to the possibility of inaccurate length measurements, varying tension when wrapping, etc.

And that led to the design , development and fabrication of "The Rigging Cord Measurer"
There are a couple of places where I tried to nullify the action of the anvil (spindle travel )of the Drop Dial Indicator to "crush" the line/cord when measuring it.

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