Floyd Kershner's Workspace  

Floyd's Workspace

The ramp was built when I thought I would be storing a riding lawn mower or wheelbarrow in here.  Now that I have carpet & sheetrock I doubt that will happen and probably don’t need the ramp or the double doors.

Some of the feature I designed into the workshop are visible in the interior pics.  The wall mounted shop vac is connected to a 1 ½” PVC pipe that runs the length of the bench.  This is encased in a box made out of 1X4 pine.  At periodic point along the box are openings to plug in a hose for suction. You can see one of these going to the sander.   I am in the process of building a jig to hold a hose for the drill press. There are various lengths of vacuum hose hanging in a rack on the front wall to the right.

You will also notice that I have PVC running up the back of the wall to supply compressed air for the compressor on the floor to anywhere on the bench.   I use the table on the left to layout plans and fit parts. There is also a rod next to the PVC running up the wall that holds the Dremel with a flexible shaft.   The box on the shelf to the left is a box I made to hold sand paper.   It is divided & labeled for each grit.

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