Block Stropping Fixture Printable Version of Instructions

Block Stropping Fixture directions:

"Here is the way I made my block stropping fixture. (three piece construction)"
The base is a piece of maple 3/4" by 3" by 4". I drilled a blind hole in the center of the base 1/4" Diameter by 1/2" deep.
The upright is a piece of hardwood dowel 1" Diameter by 4" long.
The upright was drilled for a 1/4" hardwood dowel by 1" long. On center.

Now, a tongue was created by milling, and leaving a flat 1/4" wide by 3/4" high. A slot was cut across the 1/4" tongue to accept a block snugly. I will give no dimension here, because this is a universal block, and can be altered to suit your particular size block(s). The slot should be central to the 1" Diameter.
Now, drill a close fitting hole for the locating pin in the bottom of the slot, and the center of the 1" dowel.

You can drill it about 3/16" deep. The hole size shall also vary according to the hole in your block(s)." (More - Click Next below)

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