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CA Bottle Inverter directions:

"Due to the fact that the nozzle of my CA (Cyano Acrilate) glue bottle would constantly become clogged from the glue, which collected in it, I have been able to devise a solution to my problem.

I took a piece of flat 1/4" thick plastic, 2 1/2' BY 3 1/2", such as Plexiglas or Lucite, and drilled five 1/8" holes in it to form a "U" pattern. I also bored a .500" hole in the plate to accomodate a ball bearing. Five brass pins 1/8" diameter by 1 1/4" long were pressed into the previously drilled holes. The ball bearing was pressed into the .500" bore.

A steel dowel pin .156" diameter by 1" long was pressed into the inside diameter of the ball bearing, flush with the plate and bearing, and protruding from what is the rear of the plate.

The brass pins that were pressed into the plastic plate face the front of the plate, opposite to the support pin that was pressed into the ball bearing.

Then, a .156" hole was bored into a 1/2" diameter by 6" long aluminum rod, near the top, to accept the support pin. The support pin was pressed into the aluminum rod, along with the assembled ball bearing and plate, so that the plastic plate is free to rotate around the center of the ball bearing."

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