Rigging Line Rack Rewind  

Rigging Line Rack Rewind

This is a description of the unit I made to prepare Rigging Line Spools for the
Vertical Rigging Line Rack. (on page 5)

Bill Of Materials:
1X Baseplate .750" by 6.000" by 12.000" Particle Board
2X Craig Rewinds by Craig Movie Supply Co. Los Angeles, USA
4X 10-32 Allen Cap Screws by 3/4" long.
4X 10-32 Tee Nuts
4X 1" Diameter Self Stick Felt Pads (for bottom of baseplate)

The rewinds were modified by adding special spindles to the existing units. On the left side in the photo is a aluminum spindle with the following dimensions:
.625" Diameter by 2.500" overall length.
One end is turned down to .250" Diameter by .938" length.

That leaves .625" diameter by 1.562" length.
A hole is bored into the end opposite the .250" Diameter that is .312" diameter by 1.062" Deep. This hole is a slip fit for the spool shafts that hold the rigging line. .875" from the .625" Diameter end, a hole .062" Diameter is drilled through the .625" Diameter.

This aluminum spindle is assembled into the left rewind by unscrewing the three screws that hold the rewind side on. The topmost gear inside the rewind is then pushed on to the .250" diameter and the gear is pinned into place by drilling at assembly. Replace the three screws.

On the right side in the photo is a wooden spindle with the same dimensions as above on the aluminum spindle. There is a .062" drive pin pressed into the .062" cross hole to provide a drive that contacts the slot in the spool shaft(s). This wooden spindle is assembled into the right rewind by repeating the process described above.

In use, the left rewind is removed so that a spool shaft can be put in the hole bored in the wooden spindle on the right side in the photo, and the drive pin engaging the driving slot in the spool shaft.

Then, the left rewind is fixed in place. You can use the two screws listed in the Bill of Materials, or as I have found it quicker, make a couple of push pins that hold the left rewind in place.

Now, the rigging line is threaded into one of the holes provided in the spool shaft, (#55 .052"Diameter),and the rigging line is wound onto the spool shaft. When it is full, take off the left rewind, remove the loaded spool shaft, and put it in the Vertical Rigging Line Rack for use and/or storage.

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