Paint Mixer  

Paint Mixer directions:

Cut a piece of particle or flake board. 3/4" by 8" by 10"
Sand or file a 1/8" radius on all edges and corners except the four edges that will be the bottom of the base.
Now drill six holes through the base for the side mounting screws.

Put a piece of masking tape 2" long on the left lower outer edge of the 10" length facing you.
Put a second piece of masking tape on the left side edge of the 8" width to your left.
Now , with a marker, write a "X" on the tape on the 10" edge.
Write a "Y" on the tape on the 8" edge.
Now, you have established reference edges for the hole locations.
Mark the first hole location. it is 2" from X edge, and 1 3/8" from Y edge.

Drill a clearance hole for a 6 - 32 screw through the base.
Use a # 28 drill (.140" Diameter).
Now, drill a second hole 2" from the first hole, and at the same location from the Y edge of 1 3/8".
Next , drill a third hole 2" from the second hole, and maintain the 1 3/8" from Y edge.

Now, mark and drill a fourth hole that will be located 8 5/8" from the Y edge.  It will be located at 6" from the X edge as the third hole is.
Next, The fifth hole is located 4" from the X edge and 8 5/8" from the Y edge.
The sixth hole is located at 2" from the X edge and 8 5/8" from the Y edge.
Lightly countersink the holes just enough to break the edge.
The base is now complete except for finishing with polyurethane or varnish, etc.

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