A. M. Warkaskw's Hobby Center
Whatever your hobby is - modelmaking, handicrafts, electronics - this bench is a perfect center for your activities.   Its crammed with ideas taken from several types of industrial benches.   Every inch of it serves to make your hobby more fun.   There's plenty of room for storing tools and supplies, and lots of working space.   And that unusal stool lets you relax. Both pieces were designed by A. M. Warkaske, Editor of Rockwell's Flying Chips.

The bench has two work surfaces - one at stand-up height, one at sitting height (the high-low stool lets you sit at either one).

The top lid of the bench closes level to make a large work surface.   Or flip down the hinged endpieces, and the lid slopes forward to make a drafting board for designing new projects.   Open the lid and there's a low-level bench top at chair height.

A huge drawer right under the center of the bench makes a handy trash bin. Line it with sheet metal to make it easy to clean out.   You pull the drawer out and clear the work surface with a quick sweep of a brush. Mount your vise over the drawer and most waste will drop into it.

Mortises in the front of the bench top are for bench pins.   Plug in a bench pin to get a handy surface for working with small parts.   The jeweler's apron slides out below the trash drawer.   This is a shallow drawer with a canvas bottom.   You pull it out when working with small parts like those used in model making.   If a little screw is dropped, its caught in the apron.   You don't have to get down on your hands and knees and search the floor. (more->Click Next below)

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