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Michael Zemmel's tool box organizers

Here is a little story that shows you how I got where I am with boatbuilding. My father died 8 years ago, he was a fine platinum jeweler, and I inherited his tools. The were all sorts of pliers, tweezers, soldering tools, a Fordham motor and flex shaft etc. etc. I wanted something to keep them in and I thought a Sear multidrawer mechanics tool chest would be the answer. After looking closely at them I decided they were kind of tacky.I then searched for an old multidrawer antique dental cabinet. Found two of them- over $1000 each- that's out.

While browsing at Boarder's Book store one night in the woodworking magazines, low and behold, there was this roll top multidrawer tool chest- exactly what I was looking for- a very handsome piece in which to keep my father's tools. ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.

What seems like a million years ago, actually closer to 45, I had wood shop in junior high school and, I knew I could make this. Off to the depot for a router, router table and tablesaw. To make a long story short, it came out better than I had ever hoped. This is now the top half of the chest. I then got seriously involved in woodworking making entertainment centers, desks and all sorts of things large and small. I also upgraded all my tools to professional quality- thank you Jet, DeWalt, Senco, Porter-Cable and all the rest of the big guys.

The top chest is made of solid red oak. The drawer sides are maple and the bottoms are 1/4" plywood. There is no mechanical hardware in this piece. The drawers run on maples guides which ride in a routed dado in the side of the drawer. The tambour is also solid oak - 24 piece which are linked by canvas straps stapled to the inside- I made this not knowing that one could purchase redymade tambours.
The base chest is a simple case of 3/4 oak plywood with solid oak face frame construction. The drawer are of increasing depth top to bottom and are made of 1/2" baltic birch plywood riding on $1.49 steel drawer quides. A couple brass handles on the side for pulling it over the carpet on it's casters and some 79 cent solid brass drawer pulls dress up the front.



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