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Seaways' Ships in Scale - A Shipmodeler's Shipyard Article

A Shipmodeler's Shipyard
This article appeared in the Seaways' Ship in Scale Magazine in March-April and May-June issues and describes a workshop designed by Antonio Mendez C.

Scott Bushnell's Workspace

This is my new workspace.   It was constructed as part of a library I had built below a deck and sunroom addition to my house.   This space is about 9 feet by 11 feet with ample electrical outlets. The desk, bookshelves and chest of drawers were unfinished oak purchased at a furniture store and finished in classic oak varnish. The table top is an 8 foot by 40 inch piece of oak plywood.   On top of the desk is a piece of tempered glass that I will use for cutting and glueing on.
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