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Pat Hensley's Workshop

Pat Hensley 's Workshop

Dave Manning 's Workshop

 Dave Manning's Workshop

Gooday from Australia!

Recently I finally had my work shop built. It's a simple colourbond "shed" (6m x 3m) to which I added a series of off the shelf "hammer-lock" shelving units (400mm deep).

On top of those shelving units I added 18mm thick x 600mm deep particle board and created, what I think is the ideal work area with no gaps between units (under the bench tops) and the shed walls and I've also virtually doubled my work area on 3 sides.

Add the island bench and I should be able to build some pretty detailed 1:72 scale war ships as part of the Task Force 72 model warship club.

The bench/shelf units were a breeze to assemble and the particle board bench tops were even easier. Now I just to select the right tools such as a Scroll Saw, etc.

For my first (and probably last) work shop I think I've totally spoilt myself!!!!
Happy modelling,
Dave Manning
TF 72

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